Fundraiser Details

AWLL 2009 Fundraiser

This year we will be selling Assorted Hershey brand candy bars.


Each team is responsible for 2 boxes per player (buy outs are the only exception)  AWLL board members will be offering time slots at local area stores to sell. 

For every 2 slots coaches sign up for they receive the incentives listed below.  Board members will deliver candy to coaches on site before and after designated time.

Coaches are welcomed to sign up for as many slots as they want.  Coaches are welcome to set up times and locations outside of those offered.  They must inform a board member in order to receive candies though.

Candy will be available on March 14th.

Players that want to sell candy outside of the team sales are welcome to.  Players may check out only 1 box at a time from their coach.  If they wish to check out more than 1 at a time, they must pay for the candy up front.



For every 2 time slots coaches sign up for they receive a COLD STONE CREAMERY BOOK.

Top Team Sales

The team with the best sales receives:

Rocky Tickets for entire team, 3 coaches and a Visa card for lunch!


Top Individual Sales

1st Place: Family Night out at Rockies (up to 6 tickets) and a $50 Visa card

2nd Place: 4 pack Rockies tickets

3rd Place: 4 pack Rockies tickets.

Important!  All money MUST be received by April 6th in order to receive uniforms.  Uniforms will not be given unless entire teams monies are handed in!

For any questions regarding fund raising please contact Adrien 303-404-3266

Rules and Tips

Rules and Tips for Candy Sale

Please arrive 15 minutes before shift to receive candy.

A board member will meet you with the candy, the sign in sheet and $20 change.

No more than 6 players may sell candy in front of stores at a time. 

(It’s easiest to split team in ½ for each time i.e. ½ team comes for first hour, ½ team come for second hour)

Players must be supervised by an adult!

Please make sure players are respectful of the business and customers.  We are guests at these businesses and we will not be invited back if we’re disruptive!

You are welcome to make signs for the sales. 

Do not accept bills larger then $20.  If a customer needs change for a larger bill, they can get it from inside.

Checks can be made out to AWLL.

Do not open sealed boxes until you sell an already open box! In other words do not show up to the sales and have your players crack open 10 boxes right away.

Please contact Adrien Terrell if you have any questions.  303-404-3266